NeWP: Stay Tuned!

It is June, and officially summer vacation for teachers. But, if you’re a teacher, or know a teacher, you know that we teachers work through the summer, too. Summer is a time for reading, refiguring, and reflecting, something that has become a habit for me. As I pack up my classroom and my iPad cart for the summer, it seems now appropriate to take stock of the school year and look ahead. Disclaimer: this post does not intend to take stock, only to make the plan to do this soon.

photo (7)photo (8)


As part of my Ed.D. program at UNL, I am readying myself for the Nebraska Writing Project’s Summer Institute that lasts for four weeks, five days a week, eight hours a day. It is an intense writing program that aims to help teachers become better writers through writing themselves. Writing is usually accompanied by trepidation for me, oddly enough, but I am excited at the opportunity to write, share my writing, improve my writing, and ultimately improve my writing instruction. Some topics I would like to explore further this summer include questions such as: Is dictating writing? Is listening to an audiobook reading? How can gamification play a role in classrooms? These questions have arisen from my Digital Literacies course at UNL, but I have yet to have the time to explore them further.  I suppose I will just say, “Stay tuned!” for more on these questions.


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