This site and blog serves as a professional portfolio and space for me to explore and share what I have been doing in my classroom and in my doctoral studies, and overall sharing of what’s going on in my classroom.

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I began my teaching career in August 2006 teaching freshman and sophomore English at Bellevue East High School. And in May of 2015, I accepted a teaching position at Millard West High School and began my 10th year teaching. I now teach English 9 and co-teach English 11/Literacy Enrichment. In 2011, I also began teaching at the University of Nebraska-Omaha as an adjunct professor in the College of Education. I teach a cross-listed course entitled Teaching and Learning in Digital Environments to pre-service English teaching candidates and graduate students.

I have a vested interest in the meaningful and purposeful integration of technology in teaching practices, specifically in the English classroom. For three years at Bellevue East, I participated in a pilot program called the iPad Academy in which I am taught freshman advanced English using iPads in a 1:1 take-home model. This also served as my research site for my dissertation in partial fulfillment for an Ed.D. through the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Millard Public Schools is preparing for a full 1:1 roll out in January 2017, of which I am anxiously anticipating.

My research interests lie in New Literacies Studies and Multiliteracies in English. I advocate for a more varied set of literacies to be taught in classrooms in order for students to participate in a more increasingly digitized and complex world.

Additionally, six years ago I married John, my classroom neighbor, and we have two beautiful sons, Jeremiah and Harrison, who make everything possible.


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