The Power of Multimodal Feedback

I am extremely excited to announce my first published manuscript: “The Power of Multimodal Feedback.”  The very talented Ann Feldmann and I have had a mutual interest in improving and advancing how we reach students and how we encourage them to improve their writing. We have been toying with the idea of making the feedback students receive more dense and accessible to them so they don’t just throw our feedback in the trash the minute the bell rings. We want students to see writing as a process and be able to provide them feedback in a way, and medium, in which they can find value. This manuscript is the result of six years of practice and playing around with different tools and finding which ones work best for certain tasks. We are very proud of our work and we are excited for research projects to grow out of this work.

Abstract: Feedback to students is most effective when it is timely, relevant and meaningful. English teachers spend many hours providing feedback on student writing and are disheartened as students disregard it. An English teacher and a technology specialist, while using available technology, set out to find a way to make the feedback process more streamlined, efficient, and something students would actually employ in the writing process. We discovered that utilizing technology tools available to provide on demand and archivable audio and visual feedback transforms the writing process and student responses are favorable.

We welcome your feedback and ideas!

Happy Reading!



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